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Thank you for your interest in the paralegal services that we provide.  For your convenience we have provided a list of our services below. Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Criminal Procedure Law

  • Affirmation/Affidavit of Prior Engagements

  • OTC to Be Relieved as Counsel

  • State Habeas Corpus Petitions

  • Bail Applications

  • Omnibus Motions

  • Pre/Post-Trial Memoranda

  • Post Verdict Motions

  • Post Conviction Motions


Civil Practice Law and Rules

  • Summons and Complaint

  • Plaintiff/Defendant Discovery Demands

  • Responding to Plaintiff/Defendant Discovery Demands

  • Demand Letters

  • Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus

  • Renew/Reargue Application

  • Article 78 Petitions

Family Law

  • Visitation Petition

  • Child Support Modification Petition

  • Related Documents


Appellate Practice

  • Appellate briefs

  • Petitions for Writs of Error Coram Nobis

  • CPL 440.10/440.20 Motions

  • 2254/2254 Petitions

  • Federal Certificates of Appealability

Business Formation

  • LLC

  • LLP

  • Not-for-Profit 



  • Chapter 7

  • Chapter 13


Client/Witness Interviews

We take a comprehensive approach to client and witness interviews, collecting all relevant information to assist attorneys to build a strong case and achieve the best possible outcome. Our team of experienced paralegals are adept at conducting interviews with sensitivity and confidentiality, providing a supportive and professional environment for all parties involved.

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