We offer great high volume discount prices!

With our state of the art software, law firms can now track the service of  papers online 24/7 and can easily monitor all jobs, attach notes to jobs, etc.

-Summons and Complaints



-Mechanic's Liens

-Landlord Tenant - Eviction Notices


-Family Court


We have a typical "first attempt" turnaround time of 48-72 hours upon receipt of the legal documents.  





Got a "Rush" job?  No Problem!  We will make our first attempt in most counties the same day that we receive the legal documents!

Most other companies do not have security and do not practice confidentiality!!  WE DO.  All documents are under lock and key and 24/7 security.

You can send us your documents either:

  1. by mail;

  2. by secure email at; or better yet

  3. just call us at 518-630-6946 to arrange a pick up of your documents.


For Pricing call us at 518-902-5141 or Email